Are you getting all your daily fruits & veggies? I AM!




Being an organic fruit & vegetable farmer provides me with a blessed opportunity to eat and feed my family the very best quality food!  I am so thankful that we always have such a large variety of vegetables to choose from on a daily basis.  Not everyone is as fortunate as I am in the fact they have the room to grow a garden, the time to take care of it or the financial means to always eat organic food.  A friend of mine introduced me to Juice Plus, and I’ve never looked back again.  Even though we eat very healthy, we still, in no way, can eat enough fruits & vegetables in one day to get our daily needs met.  Juice Plus is made from minimally heated fruits & veggies, as not to destroy nutrients and important enzymes contained in the food.  It is then put into capsule form and you simply take them each morning.  You have the peace of mind knowing your family is getting all the nutrients they need and everything healthy they eat that day is just a bonus!  Super easy for those who don’t have the time (or patience), to juice everyday and great for those who don’t always eat they way we should.  Check out the videos about how the capsules are made and if you have any questions, please feel free to email or message me!