If I can do it…Anybody can do it!

Many of you might not know the struggle I have had with my weight over the last decade.  With the many children my body has given life to, it has taken a major toll on my health.  Always feeling tired, never any energy, my feet were always killing me and I could gain weight just looking at food!  My youngest child, Sarah Anne, was now 4 and I was determined to get that weight off for good.  You could call me the “Diet Queen”, since I have probably purchased and tried every diet fad, pill, drink, bar or meal on the market.  As I searched the internet for my next “victim” to try, I clicked on a site that said you could lose weight with ONLY vegetables & fruit.  Well, I had plenty of those items growing in my fields (being an organic farmer has it perks!).  So…I figured, what the heck, I’d give it a try!  I had nothing to lose (except pounds!).  I simply juiced fresh fruits & vegetables for each of my meals and ate absolutely nothing solid.  I was very determined and did my first juice “feast” for 30 days.  In that time, I had lost 40 lbs!  I couldn’t believe it, it was actually working and I didn’t starve to death!  Now, I will be honest with you, it was difficult and I did start wanting to EAT with my teeth.  That’s why I quit after 30 days and took a break.  Unfortunately, in the two months before I did it again, I gained back 12 lbs.  Some weight gain is perfectly normal since you are eating and will now have food in your intestines, where before you only had liquid.  Motivated to keep going, I got back on the “juice wagon” and continued my journey.  I have continued to lose weight and my ending weight was 82 lbs. in a 14 month period.  My family stood by my side the whole time, juicing with me, supporting me by cooking family meals (it got too hard for me), and just being there for me!  Since that time where I finished my juice fasting, I have learned many things to help me in this world of fast food, cheap food, GMO food and unhealthy food.  Our whole family has now eliminated all animal products from our diets for 1 year!  Yah!  In the last month, we experimented with a concept of eliminating ALL processed flours (wheat, coconut, almond, spelt, ALL) and ALL sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, white sugar, brown sugar, rice syrup, ALL) from our diets.  The results were amazing!  My 5 year old quit snacking all the time between meals, attention span increased, fighting and bickering decreased between siblings (yes, we do have that problem too!), some of us lost a few pounds, and we slept better at night.  Since that 14 day challenge https://brightlineeating.com/2017/the-14-day-challenge , I have continued to remain on the plan and am continuing to lose the extra pounds I wanted to in order to be the size I want to be.  It really is an incredible plan and the best part is that it WORKS!  I eat tons of healthy food, weigh out my portions each day and the weight seems to come off no matter what.  I’ll let you know in future blogs what the ending result is after 6 months of this style of eating.  I’m excited and looking forward to sharing with you!